Vivian Abboud, Board Member, Secretary

Dr. Vivian Abboud, (Secretary)

Two jobs, motherhood, university and adjusting to life in a new country; such was Dr. Vivian Abboud’ s initiation into the Canadian society. Fast forward 20 years. Vivian is a wife to a very supportive husband, mother of three, public servant, community advocate, business founder (Viva Café Cafeterias).

In 2014, Dr. Abboud was selected as one of “Canada’s Top 25 Immigrant” by RBC.  As well, in 2015, as one of “Canada’s Top 40 Women Change Makers” by Canadian Living Magazine and “Top 40 Under 40” class by Avenue Magazine.  Dr. Abboud was part of the working group that created WAVE (Women Advocacy Voice of Edmonton). Her volunteer story and leadership views are published in the Edmonton Women Magazine, Franco Magazine and the GOA Connector/Women in Leadership SharePoint.

Dr. Abboud is an advocate for Human Rights and Citizenship and she is constantly contributing in the community to making a positive difference wherever there is a need to act.