Juste Kagisye

Juste Kagisye, BBMgt, MBA, Executive Management

Raised in the Great Lakes Region in Africa, Juste lived and worked in 10 different countries in Africa, Europe and North America over the last twenty years. Juste graduated in Belgium from the School of Business Administration and Economics of the University of Li├Ęge (Belgium), and completed his Master of Business Administration, Executive Management at the Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia. Beside these achievements, Juste has attended numerous of Conferences, and also achieved several Certificates in Leadership, Business Process Mapping and Tactical Communication. His key roles in the areas of Business & Corporate Management, Change Management & Consulting, have sustained and built his successful international experience. Juste travelled a lot and learned how to interact with different cultures in order to help organizations to set up and enhance their businesses through Human Capital. Juste always has a learning history to share, that will shape the heart of your journey.