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As a project launched on the 150th anniversary of constitutional monarchy in Canada, a milestone in the 11,000 year history of our country, we hope to explore:


1. Canada’s value as an exemplar of civil society.

2. Being and belonging at home and in the world.

3. Becoming the best Canada for the world.

4. Evolving a new political and societal culture where peace, human dignity and the broader framework of human rights become the foundation of everyday life.

5. Embarking on the cultural and societal evolution foreseen and provoked by the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, particularly in reconciling indigenous cultures and the cultures that arrived after the 16th century.


Here’s how you begin: whether with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, in formal meetings, in communities.


Ask the folks you’ve gathered to consider these questions:


1. What makes me Canadian? (solo reflection, then shared in group)

2. Once those answers are shared, ask

3. What makes us Canadian?

4. Once those answers are shared, ask

5. What if anything sets us apart?

6. Once those answers are shared, ask

7. How do we become the best FOR the world?

8. Then see where the conversation takes you.


You can record these conversations as video, audio, text or all three. You’ll need to get every participant’s permission before you put their words and images on our sharing platform. You can give us a summary, or the full conversation.


Once it’s ready, click here to share.


You can have these conversations any time, and upload whenever convenient, in the coming weeks and months, leading up to our launch on 1 January 2017. After that date, you’ll be able to see what you and other Canadians shared.


You can embed this digital platform on your own website, by clicking here (link to embedding url).