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Citizens like you, convened as an Edmonton group called Canadians for a Civil Society. You can find more about us here.


We’ve launched this conversation on Canadian Values, Canada’s Value in partnership with the Edmonton Heritage Council, and the City of Edmonton’s Indigenous Relations Office and Multicultural Relations Services.


And most importantly, we have the sponsorship, partnership and support of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (NAIT) Faculty of Digital Media and Information Technology) DMIT, who created this digital platform to host our citizen’s conversation.


This is a “started in Edmonton” project, which can be used by any Canadian, anywhere.


Our partners will plant the seeds of the conversation by convening indigenous Canadians and Canadians from post-contact cultures.


You will find these results on this platform when we launch on 1 January 2017.


Each year, beginning in 2017, we will share what we have learned with you, the broader community, and with our political leaders.


Call it a Citizens’ Update of our values and principles that shape how we want to be governed.